Compare Pet Insurance Plans

Compare pet insurance plans

Evaluating your needs

Taking a look at your pet family and their needs is the first step in choosing a pet insurance provider.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How many pets do you have that will need to be covered by this insurance?

If you have multiple pets, some insurance companies will offer you a discount. Or they may offer a family plan that will cover all the pets in your household.

What are their ages?

Almost all pet insurance plans will charge you more to cover an older pet. Some companies may not cover any older pets of certain breeds.

What breeds?

If you have a pet whose breed is prone to medical problems, the insurance companies will most likely take that into consideration. Breed surcharges are common.

Do you have any birds, exotics or farm animals?

Many plans only cover dogs and cats. Some companies will cover all animals, regardless of species.

Do your pets already have any illnesses or conditions?

If your dog already has an illness or condition then it probably won't be covered under a traditional pet insurance plan. If that is the case, you are better off looking at a savings plan, like Pet Assure, that does not exclude pre-existing conditions.