Compare Pet Insurance Plans

Compare pet insurance plans

Savings Plan

There is an alternative to traditional pet health insurance: a savings plan. Currently, Pet Assure is the only pet health savings plan that covers all 50 states.

Pet Assure is a pet savings program where members save 25% on veterinary care at participating veterinarians. You will only save when visiting a network vet. The 25% savings applies to all veterinary services, including routine care and wellness visits. Visit to view what they cover.

Every pet in your family can be enrolled. Because they are not insurance, Pet Assure accepts any type of pet (no breed surcharges or exclusions) of any age. They also accept pets with pre-existing conditions or hereditary diseases.

Pet Assure Typical Insurance Plan
Coverage25% savings80% of allowable covered charges
Waiting PeriodNone14 days
ExclusionsNoneElective procedure, pre-existing conditions, hereditary disease, etc
Claim FormsNoneMust submit forms for reimbursement
Annual LimitNone$10,000 a year
DeductableNone$100 per incident
Licensed VeterinarianWithin networkAny
Cancer CoverageIncludedLimited
Routine CareIncludedOnly with certain plans
Spay and NeuterIncludedOnly with certain plans